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With growing demand for excellent IT and digital human resources, Japanese companies feel the need to connect with the talents from India more efficiently and efficiently

Background Story

Companies all over the world are accelerating the efforts for DX in order to respond to drastic environmental changes; utilize data and digital technologies, and transform their products, services, and business models based on the needs of customers and society. Under such circumstances, Japanese companies have been recruiting more and more in India as they concluded a digital partnership in 2018 with India, home to the excellent IT and digital human resources in the world. However, many Japanese companies have voiced their concerns about recruitment in India. Therefore, Tech Japan conducted a survey on highly skilled human resources in India. In collaboration with JETRO since 2020, Tech Japan has also conducted a survey in Tokyo sponsored by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). In order to accelerate the recruitment of Japanese companies to India, Tech Japan has been organizing the "Working Group on Recruitment from India by Japanese Companies" with the cooperation of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Embassy of India in Tokyo to identify issues, brainstorm solutions and create a platform for discussions. Based on the research and requests from Japanese companies and Indian universities, we have developed the online platform to solve the problems and to accelerate the recruitment process. The online platform enables Japanese companies to efficiently and effectively discover and recruit students from Indian universities through internships.Survey of Indian Highly Skilled Human Resources in Japan

What is the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT),
alma mater of numerous IT leaders all over the world?

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    Established by the Indian government to train highly intellectual scientists and engineers

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    23 campuses in India

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    Every year, more than 2 million people take the exam, but only about 10,000 are enrolled.

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) was established by the Indian government to train the world's best science students. Since establishment of its first campus in 1951, 23 campuses have been built to this day. The Indian Institute of Technology is also known as one of the world's most difficult institute to get into. Several alumni are now leading numerous companies as CEO, CTO all over the world, making IIT and India an extremely talented pool of human resources for the IT industry.


Severe competition with Major Overseas Companies, Unique Recruitment Rules of Universities, Japanese companies face a number of obstacles in their recruitment activities.

Conventional Approach/ If companies do not leverage Internship
Difficult to obtain desired day for the interview
Difficult to evaluate the student within a short period of time
Elevated risk of a mismatch
Less and scattered information to make a decision

The universities have their own unique rules when it comes to recruiting students. Companies are allotted a date and a slot to interview the students based on their brand, past record and student consensus. It is very difficult to get and keep the best dates as companies including the global giants such as GAFA are competing for the same dates. Furthermore, it is difficult to evaluate candidates within a limited time and to make an offer on the same day of the interview. There have been past cases when the company has traveled to India for a recruitment interview, but the interviews did not lead to any desired results.

Tech Japan Hub - Leveraging internships
Deepened mutual understanding through internship
Offer the best performers at the end of the internship
Reduced mismatch risk
Decisive information on each student

Tech Japan Hub allows companies to recruit interns and form a group of highly qualified students. The platform's unified format makes it easier to approach multiple universities at once. It allows the companies and students to deepen mutual understanding through the internship program. At the end of the internship, students who have performed well become eligible for an offer of full time employment.

A One Stop Platform, to discover and recruit the top 1% talents from the premier institutes in India from Japan leveraging internship.
Tech Japan Hub
Merit 1
Reach top 15 Universities at once
Merit 2
Collect and manage application in one place, in one comprehensive format
Merit 3
Reduce process time by 80%, accumulate decisive and strategic data on students and discover best talents efficiently.
Merit 4
Internship are leveraged to access talented students at an early stage and form a cohort of students. Through evaluation of students throughout the internship, companies can reduce the risk of mismatch and can offer the best performers.
Companies can update internship application information on the platform, which in turn will be shared with universities and their students . Students who are interested in the company can apply through the system, so there is no need for Excel or PDF files or back-and-forth communication over email. Applications from several universities Students can be managed in the one platform. By integrating the internship into the recruitment process, companies can understand each other better, prevent mismatches, and access the best students at an early stage.
We are always in search for excellence.
Japan's only dedicated platform to discover and recruit highly skilled talent from India.
Consulting and support from the professionals highly experienced in Indian talents
Aligned with the IITs and top universities
Naotaka Nishiyama西山 直隆
Established the India team at Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support as the Asia Region Head. Created many Japan-India business partnerships. In collaboration with METI and JETRO, he was responsible for a project to bring dozens of Indian venture CEOs to Japan to collaborate with Japanese companies. Served as co-chair of the Japan-India Joint Working Group's startup collaboration agenda, among others. As a former visiting researcher at Nikkei BP, he wrote a series of contributed articles on innovation in India.
Yukio Takeyari武鑓 行雄
After seven years as the president of Sony India Software Center, he is currently the chairman of the Japan Committee of NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies), which plays a central role in the IT software industry in India. He is currently the chairman of the Japan Committee of NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies), which plays a central role in Indian IT software.
In 2018, he published "India Shift" (PHP Research Institute), which describes the world-leading Indian IT industry and the new wave of innovation.
Kotaro Kataoka片岡 広太郎
He has been a visiting assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (2012-2018), an expert at the Japan International Cooperation Agency (2019-2019), and a senior research fellow at the SFC Research Institute, Keio University (current position).
He was a Visiting Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad in 2018, and has been an Associate Professor there since 2019 (current position). His main research interests include Internet and Blockchain.
Yujiro Shinohara篠原 雄二郎
Joined NTT DOCOMO and worked in sales planning and agency sales before moving to GLOBIS. He mainly provided support for organizational reform and management development for consumer goods manufacturers.
After launching an Internet venture company, he joined Recruit Executive Agent in 2012, where he worked with IT, Internet service, and start-up companies, winning MVP awards in the past as a high achiever. He has been involved in supporting the appointment of many management executives to date.
Deb Kumar Mondalデブ モンダル クマール
Graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. During his university days, he did an internship at a major Japanese company and received a Pre Placement Offer. After graduation, he joined the company and worked as an R&D engineer for several years. After that, he worked for a major strategy consulting firm, providing DX support to companies. Currently at Tech Japan, he is responsible for the IIT/IIM internship/recruitment program utilizing digital platforms and leading cutting-edge development projects utilizing Indias talents.
Consulting with the management team and the human resources department to determine how companies can make the best collaboration with the highly talented human resources from India.
We identify positions in the company where highly skilled Indian talents can play an active role, as well as the specialities of the talent and the annual salary.Based on the human resource requirements, we formulate the most suitable human resource population from our proprietary database and network with Indian Institutes of Technology and other institutions.Leveraging our domain expertise and Tech Japan Hub AI skill matching recommendation, we introduce suitable candidates from the population we have formed.
Implementation Results
VoiceClient Voices
A well established Start-up

While recruiting interns from the IITs, we did not know which of the 23 campuses had the most students with the skills and strengths we were looking for, or where to contact them. Also, we did not have the knowledge or experience to communicate with each university and proceed with the process, and although we were interested in the idea, there were several roadblocks. Now we can recruit interns easily, even if we don't have the know-how in-house. We plan to use this system more extensively in the future as well.
A Graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai

I had been thinking about doing an internship or working at a Japanese company, but was having trouble finding a system that would help me understand which companies were recruiting. I think this platform will greatly expand my job opportunities in Japan.
An Electronics Conglomerate

We had to fill out dozens of application forms for each university in order to conduct the internship. In addition, the information of students who applied for the program was shared by email, making the management and selection process difficult. With the digital platform, we were able to implement the program in one-tenth the time.
A Graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

I think this platform is a good opportunity to learn more about the technologies and businesses of Japanese companies. I would be happy if this opportunity can be used to further convey the appeal of Japan to Indian students.
FlowFlow of the process
Registration using the application form
Full Registration on the Tech Japan Hub platform
Application from students of partner universities
Selection Process
Preparation for internship
Internship Implementation
Offer and onboarding to the company
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